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Construction Industry

Solid cast epoxy resin is used throughout all external surfaces, as well as internal ones, are therefore corrosion resistant.
CHEM-PUMPS® can be factory fitted with all types of mechanical seal arrangements. CHEM-PUMPS® are most successful in handling cold or very hot acids, solvents, alkalines and fatty acids. A complete chemical resistance chart based on long term tests is available.

HORIZONTAL CENTRIFUGAL CHEM-PUMPS® Monoblock design or coupled units

  • Capacities up to 440 cbm/hour
  • Heads up to 60 meters
  • Temperatures up to 120°
  • Baseplates made of corrosion resistant epoxy resin

VERTICAL SUBMERSIBLE CHEM-PUMPS® Cantilever design, no submersed bearing, bushes, or seals

  • Can run dry continuously
  • Capacities up to 440 cbm/hour
  • Heads up to 60 metres
  • Temperatures up to 120°

All units are tested and inspected before despatch.
CHEM-PUMPS® are used in nearly all major South African chemical industries and in many platinum, gold and uranium mines, where a harsh, corrosive environment is present, and downtime costs must be kept to a minimum.

Other chemical pumps cost more or do less, often both.

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