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We specialise in manufacturing and supplying industrial pumps and pumping solutions and accessories that are ideal for use across a broad range of industrial applications, both specialised and general.

Our solutions ensure absolute efficiency, safety, and dependability, ensuring that with them, you can operate a continuously productive working environment, characterised by minimal delays, exceptional output, and uncompromised safety.

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Our selection of pumps in Johannesburg include a wide range of specialised solutions for different applications.

From industrial chemical and acid pumps to vertical sump pumps, related accessories, and everything in between, we are ideally poised to outfit your operations with what they need.

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All units are tested and inspected before despatch.
Our chemical pumps are used in nearly all major South African chemical industries and in many platinum, gold and uranium mines, where a harsh, corrosive environment is present, and downtime costs must be kept to a minimum.


Other chemical pumps cost more or do less, often both.

Construction Industry

Solid cast epoxy resin is used throughout all external surfaces, as well as internal ones, are therefore corrosion resistant.

Our chemical pumps can be factory fitted with all types of mechanical seal arrangements. CHEM-PUMPS® are most successful in handling cold or very hot acids, solvents, alkalines and fatty acids. A complete chemical resistance chart based on long term tests is available.


Monoblock design or coupled units

  • Capacities up to 440 cbm/hour
  • Heads up to 60 meters
  • Temperatures up to 120°
  • Baseplates made of corrosion resistant epoxy resin

Cantilever design, no submersed bearing,
bushes, or seals

  • Can run dry continuously
  • Capacities up to 440 cbm/hour
  • Heads up to 60 metres
  • Temperatures up to 120°