Does your Company plan on installing a Chemical Pump?

Our existing clients include mining houses, the steel and iron industry, major project houses, consultants, paper and pulp industry, gold, platinum and coal mines, water and effluent treatment plants, motor car manufacturing plants, battery manufacturers and chemical and petro chemical plants.  We supply the whole of South Africa and neighbouring countries and deliver as far as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone, Papua New Guinea, Mali and Australia.

Chemical Pumps South Africa’s Product Range

Our products includes a full range of Chemical pumps which are available in epoxy resin, high density Polyethylene, Polypropylene, 316 stainless steel and non-corrosive alloys and we are still looking out for new products to increase the range. The horizontal long-coupled, horizontal close-coupled and vertical spindle sump pumps are included in our range and are able to be fitted onto a floating pontoon if necessary.  All the industrial pumps and valves in the range are built to a computerized program and client’s specifications are included before the assembly begins. We have a full repair facility on pumps but most clients order the spare parts and do the fitment themselves as the pumps are all user-friendly.

Our Chemical Pumps Capabilities

The pumps we produce are able to pump flows of up to 450 cubic meters per hour and pressure heads of 60 meters whilst managing all types of effluents, fatty acids, 0 – 98% H2SO4 and 0 – 33% HCL. All units are run in our test bay before being delivered, to ensure they are correctly sized to the client’s specifications. Solid cast epoxy resin is used on all internal and external surfaces making them corrosion resistant. They are able to handle cold or very hot acids, solvents, alkaline and fatty acids according to the chemical resistance chart based on long term tests.

Call in and meet our highly experienced team

We have many years of experience in the Chemical Pump and Valve production and offer our clients the best advice and service in the industry.  View our range of locally manufactured chemical process transfer pumps and see how low the cost of ownership can be.

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