Everything You Need to Know about Vertical Spindle Sump Pumps

For many industrial, commercial and domestic processes, there is a need for a pumping solution that is able to effectively allow for drainage of fluids. This might be to drain a flooded basement where a pipe has burst in a home, or could also be used for the transmission of fluids in an industrial setting, particularly where these fluids are unsafe to handle (they may be made up of corrosive chemicals), or contain solids and fibres within them that also need to be removed.

Where these types of applications are a necessity, there is also a need for an effective and efficient pumping solution to ensure that it happens properly.

Enter vertical spindle sump pumps, the ideal solution to meet these needs in just about any setting. They take a fresh approach to drainage, dewatering and moving clear or even contaminated fluids from one place to another.

Bu what exactly are they, what are they used for, what are the benefits to using them yourself, and where should you look if you would like to find one to buy.

We will answer these questions and more; right here.

What are Vertical Spindle Sump Pumps?

Vertical spindle sump pumps are designed to be partially submersible in the fluid that it is supposed to pump.

To do this without causing any damage to the pumps itself, they are designed with their electrical components at the top of the pumping shaft where it will be safely removed from any liquids that could cause harm to them.

At the bottom of the shaft, a pump can be safely submerged in the fluid to effectively pump it out.

They can be made from varying materials, though are popularly made from stainless steel alloys that are resistant to chemicals and corrosion.

The reason for this is that they are often used to transfer corrosive chemicals which can be dangerous to handle and would quickly compromise the structural integrity of the pump when it is used.

They may also come with various accessories and specifications that are determined according to the requirements of whoever is using it, making for an endless variety depending on your needs.

Related Types of Pumps

While vertical spindle sump pumps are ideal for their specific applications of drainage, there are a few other pumps out there that fulfil similar purposes, albeit in different ways, while being suited to different types of environments and setups.

These related types of pumps are centrifugal pumps, well pumps, water pumps and dewatering pumps, respectively.

Let’s take a bit of a closer look at each:

Centrifugal Pumps

Also used to transfer fluids, centrifugal pumps use rotational kinetic energy and converts it to hydrodynamic energy to create the flow.

They are generally powered by electric of fuel-motor and are suited to fairly large-scale pumping activities, such as facilitating fluid control in piping systems inside of industrial plants.

They are quite bulky and are permanently fitted to wherever they are installed. This and the method of pumping that they use set them apart from vertical spindle sump pumps.

Well Pumps

As the name suggests, these types of pumps are typically used to pump water upward from a well or borehole to provide water to houses, buildings or piping systems with relative ease and even distribution.

Water well pumps themselves come in a number of different types, ranges and sizes depending on how they are intended to be used.

They are also submersible, just like sump pumps, since they are generally placed in the water deposits they are expected to pump.

Water Pumps

Water pumps use a simple electric motor to direct the flow of water through mechanical action.

It should be noted that one of their characterising features is that they are limited in fluid types, to simply pumping water.

They are not, as such, well suited to pumping chemicals, sump or any other potentially damaging fluids, but are far better suited to applications such as irrigation and water extraction.

Dewatering Pumps

Dewatering pumps are a type of centrifugal pump. They are generally installed in buildings that are situated below ground level, and as such, may face the challenge of high groundwater levels.

Their applications are fairly diverse, ranging from being used in any place such as mines and factories that may face a real challenge with collections of water that need to be removed from an inside area.

They are large, heavy and generally installed in a fixed fashion to wherever they are needed.

They are also made from a submersible pump which is placed in a place where water is expected to rise above an unwanted level.

Each of these pumps operates in a similar fashion to vertical spindle sump pumps, albeit for different scales and activities.

Though often not being able to be used interchangeably, especially where the fixed nature of certain pumps makes them a permanent feature of where they are being used, vertical sump pumps do offer a bit more versatility than the others.

The Benefits of Vertical Spindle Sump Pumps

On top of that, vertical spindle sump pumps also offer a range of unique advantages and benefits when applied to the correct applications; particularly in industrial environments where the challenges faced by plants require fairly specialised solutions.

Let’s outline a few of their top benefits here:

Lowered Carbon Footprint

Vertical spindle sump pumps work with remarkable efficiency characterised by low power costs and fuel consumption. This makes them an excellent choice for those who want to do their bit to lower carbon emissions to protect the global environment.

This also means that these pumps come with reduced operational costs, resulting in long-term financial savings over time, for your business.

These savings are further enhanced through a reduced need for maintenance, making Vertical spindle sump pumps an incredibly cost-effective option all round.

Reduced Operational Noise

For the most part, Vertical spindle sump pumps operate without much noise, which is great for working environments that use them consistently, or even when they need to be used in a home without disturbing the peace.

The added advantage of this is that the sound made by the pump can be used as an indication of its condition.

For instance, if your (usually noiseless) pump starts to make a scene each time you use it, it could be a sign that it needs to undergo maintenance.

A Portable Pumping Solution

One of the top advantages to Vertical spindle sump pumps in comparison to other types is that they are portable.

Unlike larger solutions which are always installed in a fixed position (and are also far too bulky to move around easily), these pumps can be moved around to wherever they need to be used with relative ease and without taking up much time.

Ease of Installation

Because they are lightweight and fairly simple to place, Vertical spindle sump pumps can be installed to all kinds of environments.

Often these environments need to be able to accommodate the pump through a pre-dug trench that allows the water to be easily channelled to the submerged pump.

A Versatile Set of Applications

Vertical spindle sump pumps have a number of specialised applications when compared to other types on the market.

Their primary function is to pump clear or contaminated fluids, slurries and liquids that contain large solids.

On top of this, they are often used for pumping water out of flooded areas.

This is particularly useful where water tables are situated above the foundations of a structure; whether that be a building or a home, and there is a high chance of damp setting in.

Finding the Right Vertical Spindle Sump Pump Supplier

Now that you have gone through all of the different types of pumps out there, as well as the top benefits of using vertical spindle sump pumps, the next big question is: where can you find one that is reliable and cost-effective.

Selecting the right supplier for these types of pumps is as important as selecting the right type for your needs.

There are plenty of suppliers out there, and not all of them are made equal. They offer services and products in varying degrees, which makes it essential for you to find the right one when sourcing vertical spindle sump pumps.

To help you make the best possible choice in this regard, we have chartered up a few simple questions to ask yourself when dealing with suppliers, to make sure that you get the quality and service that you need from them, to make the most of your purchase.

These questions are fairly simple, but may not come with simple answers, so it is important to consider them carefully before making any purchases.

They include questions about the company’s experience, their pricing, the variety of pumps they have on offer, as well as the availability and quality of their after-sales services and support:

 Check their Experience

The first thing you want to take stock of when dealing with industrial pump manufacturers is their experience in the industry.

How long have they been in operation as a company? This will determine how effective their business runs as a whole, how closely they can come to satisfying their customers, and how much experience they have with providing after-market support if they do at all.

You also want to take stock of their accumulative experience, which is the total of the experience held by the representatives of the business. A vast accumulation of total experience generally puts the entire business in a better position to satisfy their clients.

How is their Pricing?

This one may seem like an obvious point, but it is all-too-often overlooked, especially by those who are not particularly familiar with the industry.

Finding the right price is a bit of a balancing act, and in any balancing act, you don’t want to lead too much to either one side or the other.

A low cost might be an attractive point to the supplier you are considering, but you have to wonder what kind of effect that will have on the quality of their products and services. Often suppliers will lower their prices where they know that their offers are lacklustre, in order to make them seem more appealing.

On the other hand, a high price isn’t always a representation of high quality, but could just mean that the supplier is opening up their profit margins as widely as possible.

To this extent, it is good to find a supplier that does offer competitive prices for their offers, without them being suspiciously low or high.

The Availability and Variety they Offer

Even if the company you are looking at has the exact vertical spindle sump pump you are looking for, it is still a good idea to take a look at what else they have in stock. You want to look for signs of variety, and of course quality.

If they have a massive selection, they are likely very well established, which generally equates to a more reliable service.

It will also mean that they likely have all the replacement parts and maintenance services you may need to keep your vertical spindle sump pumps running in the long-term.

After-Sales Support and Services

With any industrial equipment, the provision of after-sales support and services are essential. Because of this, you need to ensure that the supplier you are looking at, is able to provide these much-needed services which will account for repairs, replacements, maintenance and even training for proper use.

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