Horizontal Centrifugal Chem-Pumps VS Vertical Submersible Chem-Pumps

How do you choose between a horizontal and vertical chemical pump?
Of course, the primary difference is the shafts’ shape and position. The deciding factor might in face, just come down to convenience, as the rest of these pumps’ attributes are quite similar.

Horizontal Centrifugal Chemical Pumps:

These are designed to transfer or drain fluid with faster flow rates, by way of a direct drive motor. Horizontal centrifugal chemical pumps are high performance, and offer agile, uninterrupted fluid flow. They are also airtight and environmentally safe. Chemical Pump & Valve Marketing offers Horizontal Centrifugal Chemical Pumps® Monoblock design or coupled units with capacities up to 440 cbm/hour, heads up to 60 meters, can withstand temperatures up to 120° and features baseplates made of corrosion resistant epoxy resin.

Some advantages to consider, include the ease of installation and maintenance of the horizontal pump due to accessibility. It can also be used in most indoor applications, as it does not need a lot of headroom and can be connected to an electric motor, engine or turbine directly.

Vertical Submersible Chemical Pumps:
With a wide range of applications – from automatic drainage to heat transfer or chemically aggressive fluids, vertical submersible chemical pumps have a few advantages over their horizontal counterparts. They use up to 75% less floor space, has a steeper head capacity curve and the driver is not on the floor, so there is less danger of damage caused by flooding. So where there is limited ground space, this could be a suitable option. Our Vertical Submersible Chemical Pumps® with Cantilever design, no submersed bearing, bushes, or seals can run dry continuously and as with the Horizontal counterpart, has a capacity of 440 cbm/hour, heads up to 60 meters, can withstand temperatures up to 120°.

Our chemical pumps are used in nearly all major South African chemical industries and in many platinum, gold and uranium mines, where a harsh, corrosive environment is present, and downtime costs must be kept to a minimum.
Are you looking for locally manufactured chemical process transfer pumps?

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