Safely Transport, Store and Dispose of Chemical Materials

Chemical pumps and valves, including acid pumps have been tailored to carry corrosive and biochemical materials such as sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid and other abrasive liquids safely from one point of manufacture to the next. Without sufficient pumps and valves things can go horribly wrong, particularly in any of the industries discussed below.

The Fertiliser Industry

Whilst consumers of the finished product see something that promotes the growth and vitality of their gardens, the reality is that fertiliser is a compound comprised of various chemicals – many of which can be harmful to those who work with them if the necessary precautions are not taken.

Sulphuric acid is only one of the highly corrosive chemicals used in the manufacture of fertiliser, and its transportation between manufacturing points needs to be carefully monitored, having taken all of the necessary precautions.

Pool Chemical Industry

Again, consumers use the product and see a wonderfully clear and blue pool as the result, but the manufacturing of various pool maintenance chemicals and chlorine is dangerous and incorporates many hazardous materials. These hazardous materials need to be stored, used and disposed of safely and effectively; chemical pumps and valves make the entire process possible as well as safe.

Risks of Insufficient Pumps

Having insufficient pumps to transport acids, solvents, alkalies etc. puts the industry and location in question at risk of chemical spills. These chemical spills have the potential to damage equipment, cause toxicity and burns to the human body (including the lungs) and react with one another to create explosions and toxic environment. Damage to equipment can cost a business millions whilst human lives are priceless.

Looking for Chemical Pumps, Acid Pumps and Associated Valves?

If you are in an industry that works with biochemical, acidic, alkaline or any other abrasive liquid, then you should be. Chemical pumps and valves can help your business to successfully, safely and efficiently store, transport and dispose of hazardous material. For more information, contact Chemical Pump and Valve Marketing or visit their website today. 

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